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An Update for our Supporters –

Urban Growers Update:

  • We’re still making and selling hot sauces.
  • We’ll soon be selling peppers from our own pepper farm to local stores, restaurants, and hot sauce/salsa companies.
  • Seeds for a variety of peppers we grow and other products will be available for purchase VERY soon.
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Hot Sauces:

  • We started with our Father’s popular habanero-based sauce, “the Vicious.”
  • Your feedback has been invaluable in shaping our business.
  • We’re actively searching for a co-packing company to enhance our hot sauce production process.

Merch Store:

  • Coming soon! Support us by purchasing Urban Growers merchandise.

Subscription Services:

  • Become one of our “Special Members” and receive hot sauces, peppers, seeds, and more.
  • Stay tuned for details. Mailing List and social media followers will have the first scoop.
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Vicious Hot Sauce, theurbangrowers.com
Jalapeno O.G., theurbangrowers.com
Sweet Jamaican Kick, Hot Salsa, theurbangrowers.com
Mango Mamba Mild Hot Sauce, theurbangrowers.com
Urban Growers, Creepin Reaper HOT Sauce, theurbangrowers.com