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Pepper Challenge with a Friend

Planted a Garden where ever he lived
Daddy, During the Korean War

My sister and I often share memories of growing up while traveling with our parents and living in the south.  One of the stories my sister shared was of our father’s canning and love of peppers.

Our father was a career military man, serving in World War II, Korea, and two tours in Korea. No matter where we lived, whenever possible he and my mother would plant a garden. Our parents were from South Carolina and both grew up on farms.

The soil in South Carolina is very fertile and will grow almost anything. My sister shared that among vegetables, Daddy grew all sorts of peppers. She could not remember the names of the peppers just that they were reds, greens and banana peppers.

Looks very good when canned. Image of red green and yellow banana peppers

He would pickle his peppers and had a friend at the liquor store (Henry) who also grew and pickled peppers. They both would try different combinations for pickling their peppers and then would exchange them to see whose peppers would taste the best on certain dishes or whose were the hottest. On most of Daddy’s vegetable dishes, he added pepper sauce.

After I hung up from talking with my sister, I began thinking about how Daddy loved cooking many different dishes and one of his favorites and one we ate often, he call Goulash, a stew made mostly from vegetables grown in his garden. He would add his pepper sauce to this stew for flavoring. Momma just called it “stew”. This also brought to mind that I he and my mother smothering most of their foods with hot sauce or peppers.  Momma would always say, “Hot sauce cuts the fat out of food.”

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  1. Urban Growers CFO

    In reading this published article, I realized a mistake. My father served two tours of duty in Viet Nam – not Korea.

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