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Urban Growers 2024 Battle of the Slugs

Urban Growers 2024 Battle of the Slugs:

When growing plants from seed, there are going to be challenges. One of the most important lessons we have learned is to always stay prepared. First it was the fungus gnats that took out an entire crop of close to 36 plants. Still sad about that to this day, but it was around 3 years ago now.  That lesson taught us to invest in BTI.

For anyone else who also may be wondering, yes, BTI works!

Even if gnats still lay eggs in your seedling soil, the larva will not survive. BTI, living in that soil, protects our seedlings from the tremendous damage gnats cause.

However there are more threats to be on the look out for. Including, Aphids, that are attracted to seedlings with too much nitrogen. Our plants need the nitrogen to grow, but we do have to be careful not to overdo it. There is a balance to everything, and this extends to gardening as well.

Neem Oil can also help to protect crops – as other pests may also threaten to take your seedlings down before they get a chance to be great. Personally I prefer all organic options to fight off the pests. This year, 2024 I was caught off guard!

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Good news, we WON the 2024 Battle of the Slugs!

We tell you exactly what we did in the Instagram posting.  Which, hopefully will prepare you for the video update that followed. Showing the scene of the battlefield, and what is left over. Diatomaceous earth, Cinnamon, and thankfully, seedlings that have continue to grow in spite of early challenges.  Next, another video showing more of the progress as many of these will soon be ‘potted up’.   Don’t let the slugs or any other pests win. Be determined to find solutions, so that you can have the harvest you desire! 

*the images of slugs attacking seedlings was a.i. generated –
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