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Urban Growers 2023 Quarterly Giveaway

The prize for the first quarter is 

Vicious Hot Sauce

Thank you for supporting Urban Growers and for your interest in our hot sauces! As a way to show our appreciation, we are excited to announce our quarterly giveaway for 2023. 

By signing up for our mailing list, you’ll stay informed about all of the exciting events and promotions we have going on.

Plus, every quarter, we’ll be awarding a special prize to one lucky winner. 

But here’s the best part: the more hot sauce purchases you make during each quarter, the more entries you’ll earn in the drawing! 

So if you’re already on our mailing list, make sure to visit our shop and stock up on your favorite flavors.  If you’re not signed up, do so below –

Thank you again for your support and good luck in the giveaway for this quarter!

Vicious Hot Sauce, Urban Growers

How it works! : Quarterly Giveaway Qualifications

To qualify for our Quarterly Giveaway you must:

  1. Sign up for our official mailing list and get one entry into the quarterly giveaway. Your email must be on our mailing list to qualify. (This entry is only valid for the quarter you sign up.) *we call these Email Entries*
  2. Make purchases using the same email you used to sign up for our mailing list to earn additional entries.  *we call these Order Entries*
  3. If you were already on our mailing list as of January 2023, you are qualified for one entry into the contest. After March 2023 (the first quarter of 2023), only Order Entries will count as quarterly giveaway entries for you.
  4. Each quarter resets: ex. – If you sign up for our email list during the second quarter, you will get one email entry for the second quarter. You will need to make order entries during the third quarter to qualify for the third quarter giveaway…..
  5. Prizes will be announced during each quarter, and winners will be announced in the first month of the following quarter. For example, the first quarter winner will be announced in April 2023, the second quarter winner will be announced in July 2023, etc. *must reside within the USA to qualify*
  6. We will contact prize winners for their information and they will have until the end of the second month of each quarter to claim their prize. If we do not hear back, we will not chase you down.
  7. The more entries you have, the more chances you have to win! *No purchase Necessary to Win! * Prizes will include our current hot sauces and forthcoming products from Urban Growers!
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